Television Removal And Disposal Facts

Most of us are now aware that televisions are not as recyclable as we once thought. This is because they contain so many toxic chemicals and heavy metals, like lead and mercury, which need to be disposed of in a very specific way. The good news is that this article will teach you what the law says about television removal and disposal, how to recycle your old TV responsibly, where to find recycling centers near you for TVs and more!

You Mean the TV in the Basement? (Or Garage, or Attic, or…)

It’s a common sight throughout homes all over this great country of ours: old, silent TV sets that don’t work well any longer or at all. They’re often boxy and bulky because they have an outdated cathode-ray tube inside.

The CRT contains anywhere from five to eight pounds of lead which can be harmful for the environment when thrown in landfills without proper recycling methods being followed. 

We are already pushing our planet past its limits with things like climate change and pollution – it would just make sense not to add more toxic waste by continuing production on these TVs while there is still time so we can do something about recycling them safely instead!

Breaking a CRT monitor is not only an expensive thing to do, it can also be dangerous. One article states that “The surrounding air will rush violently into the unsealed vacuum in the CRT”, and if this happens then you’ll have broken glass going every which way. Color monitors might contain mercury or other toxins; so even if your monitor doesn’t break right away, there could still be something inside of it that’s hazardous for humans (like lead).

Lead, mercury, broken glass… kinda makes you wonder why we keep these things around?

The answer is likely that they are hard to move around and if you do get them loaded in your car or SUV then it’s probably not worth the effort. In fact half of the states in America have banned most CRTs from their landfills as well as 10 who ban all electronics. 

Your residential waste management truck won’t take them either- You certainly can’t just put a TV out on the curb with hopes someone will come by and pick it up; dumping one illegally isn’t something anyone would ever consider doing!

We get it. 

And that’s why Junk Removal Tampa has made recycling electronics one of its specialties, and we’ll make sure you’re properly disposing of all your old TVs, computer monitors, and any other type electronic waste item!

Understanding Television Removal and Disposal

Ultimately, the best option for recycling your old TV is to call a reputable junk hauling firm like Junk Removal Tampa. This approach works great regardless of whether you’re getting rid of computer monitors or CRT televisions.

Junk Removal Tampa is the answer to your TV and e-waste recycling needs.

Junk Removal Tampa provides a wide range of services for all types of used electronics, computers, monitors, TVs – vintage sets as well as not-so-old ones. We can also haul away any other excess household junk lying around that you have taking up space in your home or garages by providing professional hauling service with qualified personnel who are insured and licensed experts at removing large flat screen TVs and other large electronic equipment.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. You point and we haul your unwanted TVs into our junk removal trucks with no hidden fees. Book an appointment online above or call us right now!

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